About Stemson World Fishing

Stemson World Fishing takes the guess work out of your lure pattern in pursuit of game fish around the world. We have personally fished these lures in every ocean and recommend them to you as the answer to simplifying your tackle box and only fishing the best.

Our “No Compromise” performance ensures that your lure pattern will attract and draw strikes on a consistent basis. “Fish don’t think!!” Far too many anglers still believe in the intelligence of a game fish when the bite slows. Fishing with lures is simple – be where the fish are, when they are hungry and present a consistent, high quality lure pattern. You will be successful!! Stemson World fishing Lures and Lure Packs are all you need to go out and enjoy the pursuit of game fishing without the hassle of funding a tackle store. FISH STEMSON – CATCH FISH – AND SAVE MONEY.